Diamond Standard Partner Program

Qualified individuals, wealth managers, investment advisors and brokers are invited to introduce the Diamond Standard commodities to purchasers, and receive a commission upon their purchase and delivery. You may not purchase commodities for your own account and receive the commission. As a physical commodity, a FINRA or equivalent registration is not required in most jurisdictions, however you must consult your own counsel. Our offerings are permitted in most countries, and all purchasers are subject to KYC and AML review. Purchasers of the Diamond Standard commodities do not need to be accredited.

How Does It Work?

Upon approval to join our partner program, you will be supplied with educational materials and videos. You must pass an online exam, testing your knowledge of our product. Then you will be provided with investor materials, product images, and email templates, and a unique link to our website. You can then introduce Diamond Standard to your direct contacts, with the unique link. You must not post any solicitations on public social media or websites. Private group postings are permitted. When your contact clicks on your link, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked. If they purchase within 90 days, you will earn a commission. Commission rate increases as your sales increase.

Once your account is approved you can view the commission structure.

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